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Welcome To Surcastic Music Records – Let us introduce about us to you, Surcastic is music production blog. EDM ghost production services for dj’s at cheapest price. Song recording studio for singers to record covers and original songs. & aslo offers free online mixing and mastering  course for music aspirants. 

Who We Are?

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Music Production Blog

Song Recording Studio

Our Services

Ghost Production Service

We offer EDM Ghost Production services to artist, DJ’s at a very cheapest affordable price.

  • On time tracks delivery,
  • No hidden charges, &
  • Tracks handover with project files.

FL Studio Tutorials

We also provide the fl studio tutorials, free online mixing & mastering course & music production tips in Hindi/English for free. which helps upcoming intermediate or beginner level aspirants who desire to learn the music production basics & pro, mixing and mastering techniques.

Song Recording

We have our recording studio setup in pune where we records all our originals and covers. so with that we offer the song recording services for the talented emerging artist, singers like you in Pune. where we help you to record your vocals for your covers or original songs.

Are You Ready?

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